Earley Mornings Farm

Local Horse training/boarding located in Riner Virginia

Local Horse Training & Boarding Located in the heart of Riner Virginia

We are a young husband and wife team with a passion for all things horses.

Our small 9 acre farm located on Union Valley road in Riner Virginia. We currently started training under our own names in hopes of starting a successful business. 

Meet the owners:

Michael Earley- 28 year old Father of one, who truely has an amazing gift with horses. He has learned most of his training skills after breaking several horses and researching many different techniques over the past 9 years. He provides most of the training at our farm and also provides basic farrier services as well. He mostly rides recreational.

Ashley Earley- 26 year old Mother of one, who enjoys showing horses and assisting with her husband in training. She really enjoys showing english and western pleasure.

Addison Grace Earley- 3 year old little girl who already is crazy about horses. She enjoys riding around the yard with her daddy on her two ponies! She will keep you entertained that's for sure!


We never abuse or mistreat any animal, we do correct them for their
mistakes but never whip them.... Our techniques are VERY similar to
a well known horse trainer that aires on a Farm Channel. We DO believe in firmness, I
believe that the minute you play the "nagging mother/ passive" card
your horse will walk all over you, that is how people get hurt and
also that's why horses go back to old bad habits. We
are a forming a "new" business but clients come first and we ask that you trust us, because this isn't our first rodeo :)