Earley Mornings Farm

Local Horse training/boarding located in Riner Virginia


Colt/Horse breaking: Quarter horse types only

    - 600.00 Flat rate for 30 days. This includes breaking and forming a solid foundation of basics on your horse. If time allows, we will provide additional training.

       *Hard to catch horses run an additional 100.00 for the simple fact that

         we will have to provide the additional training and time.

    - Horse with NO training or work at all:

      800.00  (Wild horse) NO TIME LIMIT MAY BE MORE THAN 30 DAYS


 - Trailer Loading ONLY

    - 150.00 2-4 sessions (session times and numbers may vary, but this service varies as you will need to continously reinforce the training after our initial instruction... in other words practice makes perfect)  If you wish to leave the horse at our farm we can offer 15 days of trailer loading at

a reasonable rate. Please contact us further for more details.



    -250.00 for 15 full days of training and riding

    -375.00 for 30 full days of training and riding

* All of the horses we work with will be soft and supple with lateral flexion and, if time allows, vertical flexion and backing as well.  

Side passing and other desired training can/will be initiated if desired or if time allows.


        Refreshers are designed to help your animal be a SAFE trail mount.

        IF you want TOTAL bomb-proofing, desentization, and all the "fancy"

        things that come along with that, we charge 600.00 as if it were a



                    THAT THEY ARE BROKE AND SAFE TO US.**

             *We are more than happy to assess your animal and give you a

               quote.  But please, we ask that you do not waste our time, as

               we are running a working farm and are working people too.


* We offer multiple horse discounts

* If for some reason your horse requires additional days, we will contact you prior and discuss our options.


**Upon completion of training, we will offer the horse owner a free "driving" lesson to ensure continuing success after the fact.


We do not "cowboy" when breaking and training, as we feel that is not an effective way in getting a safe partner.  The horses coming in for training and usually broke before we get on them as we obtain respect from the horses first on the ground.





 We would love to show you what we offer!!!












                                           * Michael on Chip

                                             on his FIRST ride!!!!!!

Horse Boarding:

Automatic waterers. Large dry lot that can be used for riding, access to stalls, 70X100 riding ring, tack room, Permission to ride on local trails about 2 miles up the road. No barbed wire, mostly metal fence and electric. Parking for trailers. No contract, can offer multiple horse discount. During winter months we provide high quality grain and hay 2x daily.

135.00/ mo months April-October
155.00/ mo months November-March

We are not a big fancy facility but are interested in taking great care of your horse.